Face recognition technology for media archives & media monitoring

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Search In Photo Archive

Noscos generates automatic metadata for your internal photo archive allowing to be more effective while searching for particular people or particular photos.

Search In Videos

Using Noscos face recognition on videos makes them searchable. As a result it is possible to find out about particular people appearing in videos, to see particular moments, when and for how long time these people are shown, as well as to see, which persons have been shown together with each other.

Full API integration

Noscos is designed to be used over API and to be integrated with clients' existing IT systems. That means your employees will have a chance, but won't have a need to use addional IT system to receive full advantage from face recognition technology.

Find Connections

Noscos collects and illustrates connections between people. As a result it is possible to see, which people have appeared together in different photo and video materials as well as how are they connected to each other.

It is my experience from both news media and magazines that many editorial workers are struggling to make use of valuable archive photos, because they simply get lost.
Lisbet Jensen
Journalist and Master in Cross Media Communication
Use Cases
Media Companies
Media Monitoring
GDPR Content Management
Custom Software
Content producing online, web and print media companies, which maintain their own photo and video archive.
Not every person is well known and tagged, therefore even if media has the photo or video needed with a particular person, it may be impossible to find it.
Noscos generated additional metadata allows to return more relevant search results, providing additional content to the media asset management system users.
Companies, that provide media monitoring services for government institutions, political parties, PR industry, etc.
For companies, that provide media monitoring services, it is very important to notice as many appearances of particular people in all types of media as possible. To solve it less expensive and more effective manual labour is usually used.
Noscos provides media monitoring service, which connects to TV streams and informs about every appearance of particular person seconds after that happened. Full statistics about total amount of appearances are available as well.
Stock photo agencies as well as national and private photo and video archives, where it is important to recognise people in the content.
Every archive is useful as long as it is searchable. Usually archives have a lot of content with unknown people and it is impossible to manually tag them all.
Noscos not only automatically groups and tags people, allowing to find more content of particular people, but also provides a possibility to find similar photos to the uploaded example.
Every company, that for any purpose stores photos and videos with recognisable people in these materials.
GDPR in Europe and other privacy regulations all around the world requires to be able to return or delete all media files with a particular person.
Noscos automaticalty returns all photos and videos with a particular person giving a possibility to hide their or other faces depending on customer requirements.
Any IT company, that sees potential of on-premises or private cloud based face recognition technology within their systems developed or maintained.
Developing or adapting face recognition functionality for a regular IT development team is time and resources consuming task.
Integration of Noscos solution allows to save a lot of time and money, allowing customers development team to focus on other important tasks.
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